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m u s i c a n d y

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mp3s, music, music sharing, music community, discovering new music

A music community formed by liebstnachtjust for the sake of sharing music! The idea is to expand your musical horizons and find new music out there! No language restrictions here however the title should be translated (to the best of your abilities) and the description should be in English.

Recruiting members for posting access! If you'd like to be added to the posting members list please email me at stallion_stall[at]hotmail.com and send me a list of your 20 most favorite songs!

  1. Don't direct link. Please have some common courtesy. I will make a list of free servers you could upload files to

  2. Don't be an ass. This community supports music of all genres so please respect that.


  4. Please comment! We won't know what we're doing right or wrong if you don't tell us! Besides, everyone likes to be appreciated for their effort :]

  5. The idea of this community is to share and sample new music! So please do try to support the artists.

  6. Disrespecting rule #1, #2 and #3 will result in this community becoming friends only. So please save us the time and hassle and abide by them!

Posting members

*People with posting access, please note that this community supports music of all languages! If you're uploading a song from a different language, please try your best to translate the title and have the description in English.

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Please let me know at stallion_stall[at]hotmail.com if you'd like me to add you. It has to be a music lj or website and remember to include your lj username or website url!

Disclaimer: Please refrain from uploading entire albums. It is not restricted here, but uploading albums would be at your own risk and musicandy is not to be responsible for any copyright infringement incurred from your actions.

80's music, akino arai, alanis morissette, alternative rock, anime, anime music, audioslave, ayumi hamasaki, bif naked, bloc party, boa, breaking benjamin, broken social scene, bruce springsteen, c-pop, celtic music, classical music, coldplay, counting crows, craig armstrong, danny elfman, dashboard confessional, delerium, dir en grey, disney music, do as infinity, downloading music, duran duran, escaflowne, evanescence, eve6, fall out boy, finger 11, foreign music, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, frou frou, gabriela robin, gackt, garbage, goo goo dolls, gorillaz, green day, hamasaki ayumi, hans zim/mmer, howard shore, ilaria graziano, imogen heap, incubus, j-pop, j-rock, james blunt, james horner, james newton howard, jason mraz, jewel, jimmy eat world, john williams, jolin tsai, k-pop, klaus badelt, koda kumi, kokia, lamb, lifehouse, linkin park, lisa loeb, m-flo, maaya sakamoto, madonna, maroon5, matchbox twenty, michelle branch, modest mouse, muse, music, namie amuro, natalie imbruglia, nine inch nails, nirvana, nobuo uematsu, o-zone, oasis, ootsuka ai, origa, our lady peace, peter gabriel, pierrot, plastic tree, rikki, rurutia, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, schubert, seal, selena, sharing mp3s, shiina ringo, sia, sigur ros, sister hazel, snow patrol, something corporate, soundtracks, steve conte, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the arcade fire, the decemberists, the postal service, the seatbelts, the shins, the strokes, tm revolution, tori amos, train, u2, utada hikaru, vertical horizon, vienna teng, yann tiersen, yoko kanno, zero 7, zone