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Members with posting access:

Just a set of guidelines to keep in mind while posting!
  • You don't  have to have a music lj to be a part of the posting members here.
  • For foreign songs, please translate the title to the best of your abilities and have the description in English!
  • Please no hateful, pornographic or illegal stuff. Let's not shut this community down haha. But if you do post something along those lines, your post will be edited and you will be given a 'warning' to avoid such occurances in the future. Not complying with this will result in a permanent posting ban.
  • You will be required to post a minimum number of 3 songs at one post to avoid spam.
  • You are free to have the actual music files only on your music lj, but please do make sure to have the song list and description posted on musicandy as well.
  • While descriptions are not mandatory, please do try to! It makes the experience within the community a much more personal one :)
That's all for now! Thankee~
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