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The sounds of Korean pop ..

Well I'm really too lazy to bother introducing myself or the following music, but I present to you a small portion of my collection of Korean pop and dance music.

Title - Bul Kkot (Fireworks)
Artist - Koyote
Description - If you really want to know what the heck they're singing, it's basically a duet between a guy and girl who want to be together even though the girl is with the guy's best friend, with random interjections of rap in between. There's an interesting use of strings at the beginning of the song, but aside from that, 'Bul Kkot' is pretty much a straight-out dance song.

Title - Queen
Artist - Park Yong Suk
Description - Apparently this song was included somewhere in the "Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang" drama but I don't recall ever having actually heard it play while I was watching. Either way, it's one of my favorite Korean songs. It's a slow ballad and it's got that "ending credits" music type feel to it, but that might just be my imagination.

Title - Dream
Artist - Baek Ji Young (featuring J)
Description - Back to the dance music. Baek Ji Young did a few songs that were included in the Korean version of Dance Dance Revolution, including the amazing 'Bu Dam', so I decided to check out what else she had to offer. 'Dream' was featured on her 'Tres' album, which comprised of mainly Latin-beat dance songs. Her style is actually pretty reminiscent of some old Hitomi Shimatani songs like 'Angelus', but her voice is not nearly as strong so the only songs off that album that impressed me was 'Dream' and 'Choo Rak'.

Title - Beet (Light)
Artist - Lee Soo Young
Description - The first time I ever heard this song was from watching its music video (or promotional video). I find many, if not most, of Lee Soo Young's songs emotionally touching, but this song is probably my favorite one. It's yet another ballad, but unlike 'Queen', it has a very sad flavor to it, and Lee Soo Young's vocals are beautifully powerful. If you have time, watch the PV for 'La La La' first, then watch the PV for this song second. It's pretty much a very well presented murder mystery case.
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