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first post! woohoo!

Song: U shook me all night long
Artist: Divine Brown
Description: Smooth, jazzy, romantic all at once! I have to admit, this song was more of an acquired taste. It took me a while go get used to the retro-ish feel of it. The lyrics are so good too! It's awesome how easy it is to relate to the words and move to the rhythm of the song.

Song:I can't seem to make you mine
Artist: The Clientele
Description: LoL I guess you can tell I'm a romantic sucker. This song is the opening song in the movie The Lakehouse. It's so sweet, slow and romantic. His mellow, husky voice sets the perfect romantic mood. Need a song to waltz to?! Well I can't seem to make you mine is the perfect choice. I decided I'd play this on my honeymoon. Highly recommended!

Song: Recessional
Artist: Vienna Teng
Description: Unfortunately this is a .wma file. Sorry folks :( Moving on! Vienna Teng has the most haunting voice ever. It's sad and almost cathartic and so completely emotional. The instruments compliment her voice and never overpower them which is why I absolutely love her songs. Highly Recommended!

Hope you like the first post! It only takes a few moments, Please do comment <3
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I'm sorry, your entry at pretty_music is absolutely unacceptable. There are no uploads there, it's way too spammy, and you've disabled comments so I can't even comment there telling you this (let alone figuring out how the hell I'm going to delete it when I can't get to the post). Thanks for being really annoying, and if you can get there and delete it first, I *might* still let this community stay on our affiliates list.
You could have just asked instead of being so rude. I'll pass on that affiliate, thanks.
PS: Maybe you should have stated something about promoting journals in your rules and I'd know better. Yeesh.
I don't mind people posting a link to their community, but you linked directly to it and didn't actually post any music to pretty_music, which is the biggest rule to break.
Sorry, I did overreact a bit but I was really frustrated because I didn't think there was a way to get to the entry. If you'd read the rules which you commented to, then you'd have known that violated them in a couple of different ways. Good luck with your community, and not pissing off others.