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HOMG LOL I LIVE HAUEHAUE [January 28, 2008 @ 12:12pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I'm back!

Enjoy and please do comment! ♥

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Another big ass [GREEN!] update! [July 29, 2007 @ 10:15pm]

I've been meaning to do this for a while! This update is a plug for livingreen.com/ and GreenPeace. I'm a strong supporter of the environmentalist issues and I figured this would be one way to promote my message :D

Song: Say it's Possible
Artist: Terra Naomi
Description: Oooohh my god this girl is amazing! I heard her on Live Earth for the first time and she blew my mind away. Naomi's got a very richly melodious voice that vibrates up and down with such emotion. This song is an acoustic and you can see how amazing she can sound without all the extra frou-frou! Highly Recommended!

Song: Love Will Save the Day
Artist: David Usher
Description: Very poppy and motivating. Not so much green-issues, but still supports a good cause :] Besides it's a very upbeat, catchy and easy-to-sing-along song! I love the part at -1:40'ish

Song: Running the World
Artist: Jarivs Cocker
Description: I heard this song at the end of Children of Men in the theater. I stayed to watch the credits to see who sang it. LOL this song absolutely cracks me up. It picks on the absurdities and absolute intolerance of society. I loved the movie and I LOVE this song! It's got a haunting sound and his voice is just lol. It's mocking and fitting for what he says. Just listen to it for kicks if you don't care about the message to hear what he says!

Okay, that's all for the green green songs for now. Here are a few regular ones! Enjoy :]

Song: Butterfly (Rock Remix)
Artist: Crazytown
Description: lol anyone remember this song? Yeah, this is a better version of it. This version has stronger drums, more electric guitars and just sounds betterx10 overall. If at ANY point you liked this song before, you HAVE to try this version lol.

Song: Olsen Olsen
Artist: Sigur Ros
Description: OMG. Do I even have to rave about how incredibly amazing this band is? For those who don't know Sigur Ros, they're a bunch of Icelandic guys that sing in their own language that they decided to call Hopelandic. The key objective of that was to make "sounds" to fit the music than deter the audience with lyrics. Their songs, guys.. their songs is like taking a vacation to Dreamland. It's so serene, beautiful and mellow. I have to warn you though. This song is pretty long >_> Please DO let me know if you want to hear more from this band!!

Song: You Owe Me Nothing In Return
Artist: Alanis Morissette
Description: This song is so angry lol. I think it's her post Ryan Reynolds break up frustration. Welps whatever keeps the good music coming! It's got upbeat yet angsty beats and her voice is just as melodious and passionate as ever! I LOVE YOU ALANIS MORISSETTE!!
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Hollywood, Bollywood and J-ollywood? [July 22, 2007 @ 11:33am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Well since I've never actually "belonged" anywhere, my part Indian-Chinese-Canadian nature makes my playlist is completely eclectic. There is no language restriction and as long as it sounds good, it sounds good. So here is a random mix of various languages. Please do leave me lots of love and comments if you pick any of these!

Song: Lights (Album Mix)
Artist: Eri Nobuchika
Description: I absolutely love this song. It's so freaking awesome. I'm constantly fearing that J-pop will sink into a monotonous oblivion of generic pop'ness but then Eri Nobuchika comes out with this completely jazzy yet rock'ish song and the instruments are just so melodic and rhythmic (in a non-sugary way). I love! Highly recommended!

Song: Pure Snow (RJ Remix)
Artist: Yuko Sasaki
Description: The thing I love about this song is that it's so cute and cuddly yet it doesn't rot your teeth senseless. But I figured I'd upload something different and I was in the mood for something techno-yet cute. Let me know if someone wants the original version.

Song: Moonlight Shadow
Artist: Kokia
Description: lol this song brings "what the hell" to mind. Spare a few words, Kokia's english leaves much to be desired. Although I have to say, in spite of her bland voice and oft incomprehensible mumbling, this song is awesomely catchy. Kokia has great vocals. They're just not portrayed well in this song.

Song: Breathe Me
Artist: Sia
Description: Sia is Zero7's lead singer. Her voice sounds like she's in a perpetual state of morbidity but I have to say, Breathe Me is incredibly beautiful. It's completely raw, emotional and melodious. For once, Sia's vocals outdo the instruments and still sound good. I appreciate that. Highly Recommended!

Song: Sweet Surrender (Jazz version)
Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Description: We all know what McLachlan sounds like. This is a slower, more soothing version of Sweet Surrender sans drums, piano and the other frou frou. I don't know why it particularly says "Jazz version" since it just seems to be a guitar and perhaps there's an organ in there somewhere. It seems more acapella'ish. I love it nonetheless. Sarah McLachlan's voice redeems everything.

Song: Silent All These Years
Artist: Sun Yan Zi
Description: Ok, I'm sorry Tori Amos. I like this version better. Sun Yun Zi's vocals just gives the song so much more life and so much more colour. Tori Amos' is a little more indie sounding while Zi's version sounds a little more pop'ish. It's okay, I just love her voice haha.

Song: O Sanam
Artist: Lucky Ali
Description: The song translates to "Oh Lover of Mine" It sounds badly translated but usually Indian songs are better off not translated. Just because of the sheer numbers of metaphors and analogies that are used in the songs. Lucky Ali's voice is so serene, sad and husky. Basically the song is about him pining for his lover. The great thing about Lucky Ali is that he incorporates Western style into Indian music. And I <3 him for that.

Song: Dekha Hai Aise He
Artist: Lucky Ali
Description: It's very upbeat in a mellow way. The song translates to "I have seen it like this" in which he basically sings about the journey of life. It's very rhythmic and oriental sounding with a little western tang, as usual :] <3 Lucky Ali!~

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For posting access: [July 14, 2007 @ 11:00pm]

I figured email is a pain in the ass, so I might as well make this.

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The sounds of Korean pop .. [July 14, 2007 @ 8:40pm]

Well I'm really too lazy to bother introducing myself or the following music, but I present to you a small portion of my collection of Korean pop and dance music.

Title - Bul Kkot (Fireworks)
Artist - Koyote
Description - If you really want to know what the heck they're singing, it's basically a duet between a guy and girl who want to be together even though the girl is with the guy's best friend, with random interjections of rap in between. There's an interesting use of strings at the beginning of the song, but aside from that, 'Bul Kkot' is pretty much a straight-out dance song.

Title - Queen
Artist - Park Yong Suk
Description - Apparently this song was included somewhere in the "Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang" drama but I don't recall ever having actually heard it play while I was watching. Either way, it's one of my favorite Korean songs. It's a slow ballad and it's got that "ending credits" music type feel to it, but that might just be my imagination.

Title - Dream
Artist - Baek Ji Young (featuring J)
Description - Back to the dance music. Baek Ji Young did a few songs that were included in the Korean version of Dance Dance Revolution, including the amazing 'Bu Dam', so I decided to check out what else she had to offer. 'Dream' was featured on her 'Tres' album, which comprised of mainly Latin-beat dance songs. Her style is actually pretty reminiscent of some old Hitomi Shimatani songs like 'Angelus', but her voice is not nearly as strong so the only songs off that album that impressed me was 'Dream' and 'Choo Rak'.

Title - Beet (Light)
Artist - Lee Soo Young
Description - The first time I ever heard this song was from watching its music video (or promotional video). I find many, if not most, of Lee Soo Young's songs emotionally touching, but this song is probably my favorite one. It's yet another ballad, but unlike 'Queen', it has a very sad flavor to it, and Lee Soo Young's vocals are beautifully powerful. If you have time, watch the PV for 'La La La' first, then watch the PV for this song second. It's pretty much a very well presented murder mystery case.

first post! woohoo! [July 14, 2007 @ 6:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Song: U shook me all night long
Artist: Divine Brown
Description: Smooth, jazzy, romantic all at once! I have to admit, this song was more of an acquired taste. It took me a while go get used to the retro-ish feel of it. The lyrics are so good too! It's awesome how easy it is to relate to the words and move to the rhythm of the song.

Song:I can't seem to make you mine
Artist: The Clientele
Description: LoL I guess you can tell I'm a romantic sucker. This song is the opening song in the movie The Lakehouse. It's so sweet, slow and romantic. His mellow, husky voice sets the perfect romantic mood. Need a song to waltz to?! Well I can't seem to make you mine is the perfect choice. I decided I'd play this on my honeymoon. Highly recommended!

Song: Recessional
Artist: Vienna Teng
Description: Unfortunately this is a .wma file. Sorry folks :( Moving on! Vienna Teng has the most haunting voice ever. It's sad and almost cathartic and so completely emotional. The instruments compliment her voice and never overpower them which is why I absolutely love her songs. Highly Recommended!

Hope you like the first post! It only takes a few moments, Please do comment <3

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Members with posting access: [July 14, 2007 @ 5:56pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Just a set of guidelines to keep in mind while posting!

  • You don't  have to have a music lj to be a part of the posting members here.
  • For foreign songs, please translate the title to the best of your abilities and have the description in English!
  • Please no hateful, pornographic or illegal stuff. Let's not shut this community down haha. But if you do post something along those lines, your post will be edited and you will be given a 'warning' to avoid such occurances in the future. Not complying with this will result in a permanent posting ban.
  • You will be required to post a minimum number of 3 songs at one post to avoid spam.
  • You are free to have the actual music files only on your music lj, but please do make sure to have the song list and description posted on musicandy as well.
  • While descriptions are not mandatory, please do try to! It makes the experience within the community a much more personal one :)
That's all for now! Thankee~

Free server list! [July 14, 2007 @ 5:41pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'll update this as often as I (or a mod) can. Enjoy!


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